The Problem

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 4 Nigerians suffers from a form of Mental Health Disorder. From Anxiety to Panic Disorders, Depression, Bipolar, and other Mood Disorders - the reality is alarming.

To cope, in the absence of adaptive coping skills, people may turn to alcohol and drug use, transfer aggression to loved ones affecting relationships or engage in other unhealthy coping strategies.

There is an urgent need for Mental Health & Wellness Services to teach coping mechanisms and provide the needed support & treatment.

The Project X Initiative

was launched by Reconnect HDI to address this gap.

Limited knowledge of Mental illness can lead to stigmatization, delay in Identification, Treatment, and Recovery.


Reluctance to seek help due to perception of stigma and fear of being judged.

Knowledge of & Access to Mental Health Services

Enlighten Nigerians on the availability of Treatment Options at all stages: Recognition & Identification, Treatment & Management.

The Objective

The Project X initiative is a Reconnect Health Development Initiative Project aimed at raising Awareness, improving Understanding of Mental Health & Addiction, and encouraging those in need of support to seek help by providing information on treatment options available.

With a focus on Nigeria, Reconnect HDI is collaborating with 7 Psychological Service Centers to achieve this objective.

Awareness & Education

Stigmatization: To overcome stigmatization, there is a need for Enlightenment and Education. Project X will involve awareness and sensitization campaigns aimed at informing, educating, and enlightening Nigerians on Mental Health and Mental Health Conditions.

Identification: It's difficult to seek treatment for a condition you don't understand and cannot identify.

For instance: A young kid that doesn't concentrate and fidgets in class might have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). If the teacher is unaware of the condition, how can it be recognized? How would the child get help?

To address this gap, Project X will engage Certified Psychiatrists & Psychologists to provide Webinar Series on the recognition, cause, and impact of different types of Mental Health Disorders.

Treatment Options

From Information to Identification to Treatment.

A significant percentage of individuals suffering from a Mental Health Condition in Nigeria do not get treatment. Why?

1) Information Gap: People remain unaware that Mental Health can be treated. Unaware of Facilities in Nigeria that Treat and Manage Mental Health Conditions. Project X aims to inform Nigerians of available options for the Prevention, Treatment, and Management of Mental Health Conditions.

2) Affordability: Cost remains another major barrier to accessing treatment. Reconnect HDI has partnered with 7 Psychological Centers on a 6 months Project to provide discounted Treatment & support services to persons affected by Mental Illness / Substance Abuse Disorders.

This Project also works with Wellness Centers to provide programs aimed at improving Individuals, Employees, and Students' quality of life, enhance performance and productivity, and help them lead happier lives.

3) Accessibility: Treatment Facilities are nonexistent in some parts of the country, specifically Northern Nigeria. Families often travel long distances or wait in long queues to access treatment.

To meet the demand requirements and coverage of remote regions, Mental Health Professionals and Organizations partnering on this initiative will employ Online Consultations in addition to face-to-face options.

Partnership Duration for Discounted Treatment

6 Months

Psychological Centers Involved


Psychiatrists &
Psychologists Involved


How to Benefit?

Webinars & Educational Materials

Follow our Social Media Handles & Youtube Channel for Webinar Updates, Informational Materials on Mental Health. and details on the launch of Project X Youtube Channel.

Assessment & Treatment Options:

Are you worried about your Mental Health?
Are you or your loved ones suffering from a Mental Health Condition?
Do you often need someone to talk to, or feel no one understands how you feel or why you react as you do?
Do you need psychological support, counseling?

Reach out today to get information about available Treatment Options:
Send an Email to [email protected]
using “Project X” as the subject of the email, or

Call 805 727 7817 and quote Project X.

How to help?

At Reconnect HDI, we understand that to achieve our goals we need your help and support. If you want to get involved as a Clinician, Treatment Center, Wellness Service, or Volunteer please click here.

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